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rental car question

Have any of you used zipcar or know someone who has?  I want to rent a car the first couple days I'm in Berkeley.   There are a few zipcars in Berkeley, but I don't want to sign up and pay $75 in fees if they're already booked for those days.  Even though it's a couple months in advance, there's a chance they're reserved because many people are moving into Berkeley housing in early August.  Does you know of a way to check?  I don't think I'm old enough to rent a car without paying an extra fee, but my mom will be with me when I move in, so I suppose she could rent a car.  Have any of had any luck with other rental car companies?
Thanks!  and apologies for this random post, but I thought it might be better than a mass email.

History makes me happy!

I had a busy week at work again. I'm excited for the trial, but I'm nervous about doing things the right way...I wish I had more feedback on how things are going or supposed to go...

At least this weekend was a nice break.

On Friday, I went to Wellesley. Lindsey and I saw American Dreamz. Funny, but bizarre. One of the actors was from Election...reminds me I want to see that again. Then we went over to the campus center, though the hoop was closed, yes closed...I really don't understand how lightly these people take their obligation as cheese providers for the campus! It's an outrage! I miss Wellesley...I miss people I know always being around.

On Saturday, my dad visited and we drove up to Salem to the Peabody Essex Museum. Salem was über busy because of Haunted Happenings, but we managed to find cheap parking anyway. The museum is really cool! There's a actual chinese house, Yin Yu Tang, which we spent most of the time looking at...it's interesting to see how much of the set-up and decoration of the house at different times related to the political culture. The museum also has several amazing collections of Asian art and a really cool American maritime art section...unfortunately we only saw a bit because we could only stay a couple of hours. It was little pricey, but teachers get in for free...so apparently I need a new kind of fake id. I definitely need to go back some time...and also see the House of the Seven Gables. I could also use another time excursion to the Salem Brewery, but only if Claire comes with her 2 ich thick glasses.

Afterwards, we met Paula and Dave (cookie cousin and her husband who moving from Watertown to Andover...sadly this may mean fewer cookies) for dinner at Not Your Average Joe's where we gorged ourselves on the garlic/romano/olive oil dipping sauce, among other things.

At night, Pat and I went to see U.S. v. John Lennon in Arlington. It was pretty good. The best parts were the scenes with the Beatles playing...which are never on tv because of stupid copyright laws. It was disappointing for a few reasons. There was way too much Yoko Ono...which is kindof dumb because in most scenes she's just standing around looking catatonic. Second, there were too few experts speakers for a documentary - mainly just Gore Vidal and Bobby Seale. Come on people! Hasn't anyone seen The Sixties or a number of the other excellent documentaries on this time...there are so, so many interesting people to interview and most of them are still alive! It's a crime to keep them out. Finally, there was some gross exaggerations about John and Yoko...that they were the first use provocative theater to highlight a cause. Bullshit! Many groups had be-ins, etc. throughout the sixites. And of course the Yippies practically invented political theatrics...and all these people at least tried to do stuff to stop the war and Nixon before it totally got out of hand. John and Yoko were way late on the scene. Also, there should have been more music and video montages...another crime, since there's sooo much to work with!!! Melody, I think they need your skills and my outrage and maybe they could have come up with something more acceptable!

Today I just hung around Cambridge...programmed my new ipod (though it won't accept my old purchased...this is what's wrong with paying for music!), read a bit, and went for a nice bike ride down to memorial drive to see part of the Head of the Charles. The air was beautiful!

Now Eyes on the Prize...it's like PBS read my mind.

Sometimes I think fuck this law shit, history is soo much more fun.

Have a good week! Good luck tomorrow Erin! See you soon Gabi!


If you're in MA, you may want to get your registration/absentee ballots set. The Democratic gubernatorial race is now a three-way tie. So vote!

Voter registration deadline

August 28, 2006

Unregistered voters who want to participate in Sept. 19 primary elections must register by the close of business on Wednesday . Voter registration offices in city and town halls are scheduled to open Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., except in towns with fewer than 1,500 voters, where hours will be 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 8 p.m. The law requires new voters to be 18 years old, live in Massachusetts, and register 20 days prior to the election in which they want to participate.
Another long week...though I have an excuse for not posting - I had to work earlier this week. It was fun to get out early, but I'm glad be back on the regular schedule since I'm more of a night person.

I got to see so many people this past week, which I enjoyed a lot.

Shopping with the roommate.

Food with Erin and Sarah. I'm so glad you called while you were in the area!

The fam on Thursday. They got to see Pat's (yucky) apartment. It would be a nice brownstone if it didn't have so much dust, cat hair, and musty furniture, but... We walked around a nice part of the South End. The area is actually very fun and safe heading toward downtown Boston. We ate at nice bakery/cafe called Flour.

I saw the movie Little Miss Sunshine on Friday with Brittany and Sarah. Nice pick Sarah! It was very funny. I definitely recommend it. And after I got to drive back to Wellesley...very beautiful in the summer!

Saturday I slept late...finally! Then I drove home. It's quite nice to be able to do that whenever I want (at least on weekends)! I really needed to get my bike fixed, which I did, and for free since I could go to place where I bought it. I now know how to take off and put on the wheel without disassembling the whole thing. Victory!
My Dad and I took a trip up to through South Hadley to go to Trader Joe's. A long drive, but it's beautiful and definitely worth it. We stopped on the way back to get (fair trade, bitches) coffee and I thought of Melody since I found a postcard of a Peters Projection map...some of the continents are very long. We may have to discuss this...a bit like the state land stealing we saw on the U.S. map.

This morning, Claire and I got to play tennis. The weather was good for it. We had to play by the Voke, since Stanley Park doesn't have nets up. So, sadly, I could not also go on the swings. But, it was a lot of fun and nice to hang out before she heads back to school next week.

Now I'm ready for a week on the regular schedule. Daily show!

Have a great week!

On my way again

Tomorrow I leave for Cambridge! I'm going down with my parents and possibly Claire. We'll visit my grandma in Rhode Island and then head up to Cambridge (and maybe also a trip to Trader Joe's -- sesame honey cashews await I hope!)
I really am having trouble believing it's already here. I'm really sad my vacation is ending, but I think it will be good to start something new. It's been lonely at home without Wellesley friends. It's very strange to start someplace completely new. I'm sure I'll see some of you soon and other friends in the area and also I'll hopefully make some new friends. I'm really excited to be back in the city.
I really hope work is ok. I'm worried about how much the workload will be and things like that. I really feel like I have no idea what to expect.

This week has been relaxing, but I ended up doing a lot of errands and I had to take it easy because of my allergies. I did get a few things done - finally sorted out money issues (though I have yet to make a budget because I can't figure out how much I make at all after deductions for taxes and hc since I was given a bunch of different figures...I'll just have to wait and see on that), stained and painted my hoop (I'll post a pic soon and let me know if you need to borrow purple paint!), and slept!
Unfortunately our mail apparently sucks, so I'm still waiting on stuff I won't get for a while. Damn the post office (though right now I can picture Newman putting me on the blacklist;-).

Today I went to friendly's, played tennis (so beautiful out!), and just got back from An Inconvenient Truth - the Al Gore movie. It's really good and I'd recommend watching it. It has some great information and I think tastefully deals with his political failures. Combined with all the recent new reports, this global warming thing may start to keep me up at night. The only slight problem is that Claire and I have the habit of laughing at really corny moments. When Al Gore was talking about the ice caps melting and then showed a polar bear struggling to find land with it's little thrashing paws, we started roaring in laughter. Apparently no on else thought it was funny. There were a number of those moments and I was literally covered in tears from laughing so hard.

Everyone have a great weekend. I'll post later when I'm there and try to get some pictures up. If you in MA, please visit!!!
Love you all!

Of things to come...

I accidently blew a fuse in the front part of the house this morning.
Then I tried to check something on firstclass. It said my username and password didn't exist.
Somehow the two were connected because it's back now with the power.
Still, it was crushing.

Since everyone else is updating...

It's good to hear from you all. Hope everyone's summer is shaping up alright. I'm still hanging around at home and trying to savor the last few days of vacation before I start work on Monday. The last couple of days I've been really sick from allergies. It nice to be able to sleep (I may be missing that soon!), but I'm excited to get down to Boston again.
I'm going down finally on Saturday. I need to do a bunch of unpacking and shopping when I go down there. That afternoon the cable guy is coming...and I get NESN! Yes! Finally Red Sox games!

All in a week...

So, I haven't updated in a little over a week and so much has happened. Sorry for the long post and feel free to skim.
The Sunday before last I moved a bunch of stuff home and then stayed for a Memorial Day cookout at home with some of our neighbors and friends. We got a really nice grill. Hopefully it will last longer than the previous ones we kill by letting them rust out. Then back to Wellesley for a few last days that went all too fast.
Tuesday was the lovely alumnae lunch with good food and champagne (and Sarah's million balloons - see Melody's pictures) and the über boring graduation rehearsal. I did, shockingly, make out quite well. I got a nice check for winning a history essay contest that I never entered. Hmmm. Not quite sure what happened there. I've decided to just take the money and run. Questions might be bad.
Claire also came that night, which was fun. We ate at Vidalia's (and she swore she saw John Kerry. I really wish I made her get the guy's autograph...it would have been so funny). Then we came back and hung out with Melody and Sarah and Brittany. And scrubs, of course. Not quite the tv marathon we had planned, but planning was totally out of the question during the insanity before graduation.
On Wednesday, Claire and I shopped in the ville and went to a beautiful lunch in Tower Courtyard. Then I went to the Baccalaureate, which was absolutely beautiful and made me cry a few times. All of the memories they mentioned made me think of everything that would very soon be over. Then my parents and Jeannie came. We all went to the Phi Beta Kappa ceremony (which was really strange, but cool) and the Baccalaureate dinner (yay for steak!) and my Uncle Steve (the one from DC) joined us. They all ended up heading out and I went to the Baccalaureate concert which was also very cool. It was really nice to hear some of the talented students in our class who I had never had a chance to hear before...and also Melody, Gabi, and Suzanne, who all sounded great!
Melody, Gabi, Gabi's Dan, and I tried to go to the bonfire, but it sucked and - worse - there were no marshmallows! Talk about injustices.
Then, dundundun, graduation day finally seemed to be there. I got back to my room the night before and realized - holy shit, I have to actually pack! Luckily, Sarah, Melody and Erin came over as I began to hard task of taking down posters that really make the room empty.
In the morning I went to the history reception. I was really disappointed that McCarthy wasn't there...the department is very odd...some of there things things have been great. This one not so much.
I really enjoyed the graduation even though I wanted to die before it. Why black robes? Why make us stand for an hour in the sun? Anyway, it was really nice and I loved the speech (http://www.wellesley.edu/PublicAffairs/Releases/2006/053106.html). It was awesome to see all of my friends and family there - my parents, Claire, Pat, Kait, Lenny, Paula, Aunt Liz, Aunt Laura, Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Steve. I couldn't believe how fast it all happened (I totally don't even remember what I did once my name was called!). Except for the heat, it really was a beautiful day.
Right after, I had to head out to the apartment with some more stuff and most importantly to pay the rent and get the keys. Luckily, Melody came and helped me, my dad, and Lenny move stuff in. It seems really nice. Also, there will be a couple of Wellesley alumnae living. Marina - who was in my German class during my first semester at Wellesley - and a friend, and also Nayantara and her brother...they'll be right next door. I don't know either of them that well, but I'm glad there will be a couple of younger people around to possibly hang out with since there are younger families in the other apartments.
After moving some things in, we all went out to Amarin in Newton (because Wellesley downtown lost power) My Uncle Dave, Uncle Rich, Paula's husband Dave, Patty and Kathleen joined. I love pad thai and it was really nice to see all of these people who I only see about once or twice a year. Then, more packing and Westfield. It was really nice to have Melody come and stay, even though she had the ordeal with the plane ticket that she explained in her lj. But, it was really really hard to say good bye. I started to cry and realized that if I did I might not stop. Right now I'm pretending that things haven't changed too much.
Of course, Wellesley keeps sending out reminders posts and emails on First Class that "you will not be returning to Wellesley College in the fall. Please be advised that your computer accounts (FirstClass e-mail, domain, Banner, etc.) are scheduled for removal on Friday, June 30, 2006." Thanks for the reminder...
This past weekend was also quite an adventure. I decided I would drive down some more things to the apartment on Saturday (in spite of the torrential downpour) because it was also Kait's birthday party that night and she lives only a few blocks away. it started out ok and we went to Grafton Street which was a lot of fun, but the evening kindof ended in disaster for me. Some of the people, who I won't name right now, were quite obnoxious to me and others. I got back really late, tired and upset. The next morning I had to move the furniture (basically I swapped bedroom furniture because my room's smaller and I wanted the smaller bed) all by myself. Then I got on the road and picked up Brittany and Sarah to go to western mass....a trip that was long overdue and I needed then since I was already sad about leaving Wellesley. It's actually really weird to drive on the campus. We met up with Erin in Springfield and drove up to NoHo. I got a frame things that hold a bunch of pictures. Sarah also got me a really cool martini glass that says: a girl can't live on diet cola alone. So fitting!
We made a brief tour of Westfield and my house. But we had to leave soon. I was really really tired and wasn't sure if driving was such a good idea, so we went to the Fort, which is a German restaurant in Springfield (good, but no spaetzle - i.e.German macaroni and cheese - and gummi bears...) and brought them to the train. It was really nice to them...we'll have to do it again and for longer on a less hectic weekend.
I am pretty excited about all of the fun that comes with a new apartment, but I'm also a bit scared about really living on my room for longer than a few months. I really don't feel ready to be a grown-up yet...
Good luck to the rest of you dealing with this too. I miss you so much and I wish we had had longer to hang out. That two weeks of limbo way too fast.
Today I really need to start writing thank you notes and get my bike fixed up. Maybe some tennis too. Yay for vacation. Bah to the "real world."

Another day closer to whatthefuck?

I went Earthfest to meet up with Claire and a couple of her friends. We heard The Fray and James Blunt. It was a good time. Hippies make me happy.
Then I got shoes for graduation! Also on sale and cute...though not so formal...but totally me.

I'm moving a bunch of stuff home tomorrow. My room is going to be so sad looking.
I can't believe graduation is coming so soon. Every time I think of it I get this rush of emotions and it's overwhelming. I can't believe all the people and places I won't see for a long long time...if ever. I'm really going to miss so much about Wellesley, especially my friends here.

The apartment stuff is also a bit of a mess at the moment...I not sure what time I'll be able to move in exactly and Claus isn't responding to emails. So, I can't call Erin to figure out when she's moving and how exactly we're delivering the rent. dundundun.
And I think I've completely confused my parents about what is going on with it. I should not have gotten upset about it. I've been stressing about this sort of stuff way to much...probably because I have the time to focus on it. Please feel free to tell me to shut up about it if I continue.
Good news is that I'll have at least one air conditioner!

Also, my Jon Stewart's America calendar is about Hubert Humphrey:
"HHH, Humphrey in '68: (then in fine print) Because otherwise in four years Nixon's guys will get caught breaking into the Watergate Hotel to sabotage their opponents, causing unprecedented scandal and ushering in an era of cynicism that will shape politics for decades to come. Call it a hunch. So repeat: Humphrey in '68."
Go Hubert! If only you had won.
Happy Birthday!
I still love you.
Oh triple H makes me happy!